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What we Offer

Electrical Materials like Generators, Wires, Switches, Sockets, Bulbs, Lamp Holders, Main Switches

Solar Items like: Solar Panels, Inverters, Gel and AGM Batteries, Charger Controllers, Solar Lanterns, Led Bulbs, Solar Home Ups, Solar Security Lights, Solar Water Heaters
Power Line Construction: Low  and high voltage powerline construction
Solar system designing and installation: Solar-home systems, Institutional systems, Solar-PV water pumping, rural mini-grids, hybrid systems, etc.
Biomass technology : Biomass-Electricity (BTE) conversion, Bio-diesel/Ethanol (BTL) production on commercial scale, biogas and bio-gasification.
Wind energy resources assessment,  Hydropower and resources assessment , Power generation, power distribution, rural electrification projects and Consultancy
Water pumping and plumbing services: solar- PV water pumping technologies, water distribution.
Waste-Water and Municipal Wastes Management techniques, zero-energy cost solutions for sustainable waste-water and waste-solids treatment in cities, municipalities, town councils and institutions.
Environment, Environmental management of air, water and land.
Procurement & energy economics, energy efficiency, feasibility studies, monitoring and evaluation, education, capacity building and user-training 
Very ideal for remote and off grid areas

About HS Green

We are a private company with a vision to provide energy solutions to the over increasing demand and shortage of power solutions

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