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Products and Services

Supply Of Electrical Materials and solar items

Electrical materials: HS Green Energy Engineering Solutions Ltd supplies electrical materials to individuals and other institutions such as Generators, Wires, Switches, Sockets, Bulbs, Lamp Holders, Main Switches and All Other Electrical items; we pride ourselves in quality and timely supplies

Solar items: HS Green Energy has supplied and installed solar items for more than four years such as Solar Panels, Inverters, Gel and AGM Batteries, Charger Controllers, Solar Lanterns, Led Bulbs, Solar Home Ups, Solar Security Lights, Solar Water Heaters etc.

Supply of OV Beacon Solar Lanterns

HS Green Energy also supplies state of art solar lantern known as Ov Beacon which is very ideal for remote and off grid areas. Its manufactured in three types that is 1 lamp,2 Lamps and 3 lamps and each of them has a provision of phone charging and a remote switch which can work as a touch as well. So far according to the feedback we get from our clients, they are satisfied with these products.


Energy and Power Systems Engineering

Power Line Construction: HS Green Energy has well trained engineers and technicians for power line construction both of low and high voltages. We have handled a number of contracts in power line construction and we pride ourselves in promoting professionalism in power line construction

Solar system designing and installation of: Solar-home systems, Institutional systems, Solar-PV water pumping, rural mini-grids, hybrid systems, municipal applications plus solar-water heating technology.

Biomass technology including Biomass-Electricity (BTE) conversion, Bio-diesel/Ethanol (BTL) production on commercial scale, biogas and bio-gasification techniques and house-hold energy applications like improved cook-stoves and domestic biogas plants.

Wind energy resources assessment, planning and implementation of wind turbines for electricity generation for small scale and large scale applications.

Hydropower and resources assessment, planning and implementation of hydropower plants for electricity generation for small scale and large scale applications.

Power generation, power distribution, rural electrification projects, Power-backup and Un-interruptible power systems: for Hydropower systems (Pico, micro and mini-hydro), Solar-PV hybrid-power systems and grid extension for power transmission and distribution, wind turbines, bio/fossil-diesel generators. We provide solutions employing automatic switching technologies to supply un-interruptible electrical power for household loads, institutional, commercial buildings and industrial applications with power demand ranging from 100W to over 100kW.

Consultancy, we have well trained and experienced Consultants in all renewable energy technologies. We offer consultancy services in energy efficiency, sustainable energy and environmental impact assessment plus energy efficiency in civil, mechanical and electrical engineering.

Water and Sanitation Engineering services

Water pumping and plumbing services: solar- PV water pumping technologies, water distribution from source to consumer and plumbing services for water distribution in commercial buildings.

Waste-Water and Municipal Wastes Management techniques, zero-energy cost solutions for sustainable waste-water and waste-solids treatment in cities, municipalities, town councils and institutions. With the revolution ally DEWATs (Decentralised Waste Water Treatment) system, no electricity is required to manage waste-water. Hence we bring you a two-fold benefit system, providing you with extra water and energy recovery (biogas) in a sustainable ecological and natural way.

Environmental Science and Engineering

Environment, Environmental management of air, water and land. We carry out environmental impact assessments and monitoring as well as implementation of resettlement action plans and related environmental impacts mitigations.

Other Services include: Procurement & energy economics, energy efficiency, feasibility studies, monitoring and evaluation, education, capacity building and user-training in renewable energy technology assessment, planning, implementation plus operation and maintenance of systems.

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