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Quality assurance system

HS Green Energy Engineering Solutions Ltd has a well-defined quality management system and has an internal quality policy.

1. Quality assurance approach

A quality assurance system is put in place to ensure compliancy of the output to international standards. A quality assurance advisor has been named for this exercise and has vast experience to streamline the entire assignment to ensure value for money to our clients. Keeping the client informed of the assignment progress through weekly and monthly reports is another way of ensuring the best output.

2. Quality assurance procedures

To be laid down on agreement with the client and adhered to. It is always better to get the first suggestion from the client that is later enriched by the contractors experience and expertise. But the reverse is also good enough. The procedures that will be agreed on will be adhered to till the end of the assignment.

3. Q&A-based reporting format

Reports will be submitted at each stage entailing how quality has been ensured. A draft report having gone under thorough review and correction by the Q&A manager shall be submitted to the client for comments. Once accepted, a final project report is submitted to the client as a milestone. The contractor will ensure value for money by ensuring adherence to standards.

Our objective is to provide competent construction/installation and management services at high level of expertise, thereby ensuring that value is added to the client’s organisation. In providing our services we will focus on health, safety, environment and social conditions.

Training and technology transfer
Training and technology transfer is a fundamental need in most developing countries. Our company has recognised that sustainable development is only possible if the countries themselves can build up a technical staff.

HS Green Energy Engineering Solutions Ltd always carries out seminars, courses and training programs for engineers and technicians in planning, design and operation as well as maintenance of projects in several sectors. Training and technology transfer are always included in implementation of projects, so that our clients are enlightened on the new technological advancements.

On-going and Past specific jobs that have been successfully handled as the Prime Contract in field of solar installation and maintenance over the last four (4) years:

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